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Where can I buy VsTank products?

Where can I buy VsTank spare parts?

What is the different between VsTank and other 1/24 RC Battle tanks?

Is VsTank copy Tokyo Marui 1/24 Tanks? What is the different?

Why the listed distributor haven't carry the model I want?

Can VsTank Pro using Ni-MH or Ni-Cd rechargeable AA Batteries?

What is VsClub?

What is the different between "R" IR Battle series and "A" Airsoft series?

If I have a Hobby Shop, but no distributor, can I wholesale from VsTank directly?

What is the coming new models?

What VsTank do not have 1/16 scale?

Why VsTank do not add "Smoke" function?

Can VsTank be played in outdoor ?

What is the different between Rubber Track and Plastic Track and Metallic Track?

Why only Tiger I has the Metallic Track?

• Where can I buy VsTank products?   <TOP>
You can click "Buy" button to obtain all the domestic distributor info, you can phone to them to ask the nearest store location. If you cannot find any distributor in your country, you can email to and we will help!


• Where can I buy VsTank spare parts?   <TOP>
You can download the PDF parts sheet from our "Parts" section. And you can join our VsClub to buy all the spare parts online. We mail to world wide and charge very basic shipping cost only. To join VsClub, you can click "Commuity" then "VsClub"


• What is the different between VsTank and other 1/24 RC Battle tanks?   <TOP>
Generally speaking VsTank 1/24 is the best buy 1/24 RC Tank products in the market with most supreme function, quality and supports. To know more about the difference between different brand of 1/24 tanks. You can go to "Buy" and Click "Comparison" pages. At that section, we will show and tell you the main difference in details. By the way, we are the only Hobby 1/24 RC Tank in the market, that we have 10-year development history and our model do not discontinue and let you keep playing and upgrade and battle with your friends in coming 10 years.


• Is VsTank copy Tokyo Marui 1/24 Tanks? What is the different?   <TOP>
We are the Original ODM (Original Design and Manufacturing) factory for 1st and 2nd model of Tokyo Marui Tanks (Type 90 and M1A2). All the gear box, tooling design, copyright was own by our factory in China. We broke up the relationship with Tokyo Marui due to a financial issue in 6 years ago. Then VsTank independent and make the further breakthrough on electronics, controllers, functions and accessories. We are the first 1/24 RC Tanks with sound, light, recoiling, IR Battle and life counting functions. Tokyo Marui tanks only have Airsoft version with no light, no sound, no recoil. And VsTank model lineup has T-72, KV-2, Tiger I Late Production, Tiger Mid Production, M4 Sherman all Tokyo Marui do not have.


• Why the listed distributor haven't carry the model I want?   <TOP>
Due to the company business nature and country safety regulation. Many toy's distributor do not import and distribute our Airsoft Version tanks. Also, there are as much as 30 different colors VsTanks and each of them has 2 version (IR and Airsoft). So every distributor can only keep small quantity of each color each version. But we keep close connection with all distributors. Please place your back order to them and we will fulfill your order ASAP. But if you cannot find any distributor at your country carry the model you want. Welcome to email we will help!


• Can VsTank Pro using Ni-MH or Ni-Cd rechargeable AA Batteries?   <TOP>
Yes, whatever which generation or version of VsTank, you can also use rechargeable battle. VsTank hold as much as 4 international trade show per year. Every show we will carry a live demo for 7 hours per day and continue for 3-7 days. At the live demo, we use only rechargeable AA Battery. It can bring up the tank speed and torque for 30% more. And also the playing time if using 2700mAh battery can be as long as 45 minutes non stop.


• What is VsClub?   <TOP>
VsClub is a community of VsTank. It is free to join and let all the VsFans to exchange the idea and share their joy of playing VsTank. To rebate the supports from all VsFans, we will offer cheap spare parts and exclusive items.


• What is the different between "R" IR Battle series and "A" Airsoft series?   <TOP>
ALL models (M1A2, Leopard2 A5, A6, Type 90, T-72, Tiger Is, KV-2, M4 Sherman) all have BOTH "R" and "A" series. "R"series stands for Infra-Red IR Battle Series. The IR VsTank equipped with IR emitter and IR receiver system on the tank. What can "Fire" a IR Signal to "Hit" the other tanks, the hit tanks will have Explosion sound, Flashing Light and Shaking effect showed up. Each Tank has 5-life count, after 5 hit, the lose tank will have a final "explosion" and "Die". "Die" that mean the user cannot control the tank anymore. In a IR battle, maximum up to 13 tanks can battle together. After all other tanks "Die", the last tank will be the winner and the game is over. In the day before, IR battle VsTank is only fun if there is two or more tanks battle together. But while our new product - IR Auto Target come out, single user can hit the target and the target will have explosion sound and light and pop-up the objects to sky. This Target largely improve the single play mode joy.
• "A" series stands for Airsoft Series. The Airsoft VsTank equipped with a powerful airsoft gun inside the barrel. While the tank "Fire", a BB bullet will shoot out in 0.8J and travel as long as 25m to hit the target. Each tank can preload 20-30 bullet in the chamber.


• If I have a Hobby Shop, but no distributor, can I wholesale from VsTank directly?   <TOP>
If you are wholesaler or distributor or shop owner. You can contact us directly for the wholesale and distribution details. We will request the Business Registration copy for reference. And our marketing executive will handle your account and enquiries. Please email to for details.


• What is the coming new models?   <TOP>
Each year, VsTank will release 1-2 new tank models. We will collect all the opinion from all disitirbutors and players to decide which model we are going to make. There are two series - Modern Tank and WWII Tank. Although 70% Tank fans like the WWII Tanks more. But we will keep developing BOTH line. Generally, the direction of us is to make some tanks that no other RC manufacturers made before. On the other hand, we prefer the tank from the country that we don't have in our lineup. For example, we don't have any UK tank in both series. So, we have high interest to make UK tank (whatever the modern Challenger II or WWII Cromwell) in future. Welcome to vote your favorite tank in VsClub.


• What VsTank do not have 1/16 scale?   <TOP>
There is few reasons why VsTank don't make any 1/16 RC Tanks. Firstly, we start from 1/24, so all our lineup is in 1/24 scale. To develop one 1/24 VsTank new model needed about 8 to 10 months time and $100000 USD tooling investment. So, we can only develop 1-2 tanks a year. If we make the 1/16 RC Tanks, the investment is about double of 1/24, so we can only release one model every 1.5 year and stop the 1/24 line. This is not the way we want. On the other hand, altough TAMIYA (40-year history) has many models (but expensive) and Hen Long (Cheap but worst quality) and WSN (one-off Toy and no continue development) has 1/16, but each of them has the weakness whatever too expensive or too poor quality or too toy also brand the product cannot penetrate to all family and limited to "certain people" buy and play. And even TAMIYA has 40-year history and list on stock market at Japan, they have only develop one modern tank (Leopard 2 A6)….so we rather focus and emphasis on making precious functions and great details good quality 1/24 RC tanks and keep releasing supreme and legend tanks models. According to our distributors feedback, there are 20% of buyer conceive that VsTank are detail enough and using our tank as "display" model without playing.


• Why VsTank do not add "Smoke" function?   <TOP>
Smoke function on 1/16 by adding a flammable oil into the tank is prohibit by most of the country. On the other hand 1/24 tank are mainly play at indoor which will be a big safety concern on this point. So, we don’t ever plan or development this function into our product line.


• Can VsTank be played in outdoor ?   <TOP>
Yes, but no wet or rainy environment are welcome. As VsTank do not have "water proof" features and our sound box having gap at the top the tank. So, water may go inside the tank and bring the short circuit to the PCB board. Although we provide PCB board as spare parts for sale. But we recommend VsTank play at dry and indoor environment.


• What is the different between Rubber Track and Plastic Track and Metallic Track?   <TOP>
Rubber track can bring the best traction to the tank when climbing the incline slope. However, this advantage will become a disadvantage while doing center rotation at a very rough service, the rubber track too high traction will bring the track slip out. The plastic and Metallic Track are more realistic looking and perform best on flat surface. So, using which kind of track is very depend on what environment you drive your VsTank. RTR set will usually comes with rubber track (except Tiger I), all the other hard plastic track or metallic track will be offered as a upgrade options.


• Why only Tiger I has the Metallic Track?   <TOP>
At SEP 2008, VsTank release the first metal track set for Tiger I early production. Actually this is developed and make by our Japan partner. And in 2009, we will release all other models metal track one by one.