The VsTank Pro and Marui treads use the high quality materials available to make the treads look as real as possible, while keeping a good traction when the tank moves.

However Hen Long disregards quality with the treads, which are of a worse quality than the other two brands in comparison. The plastic quality is definately not as good as the two other brands. Furthermore, there's no telling that you'll get the right treads. In three boxes of Hen Long M1A2 Abrams, we got 2 Type 90 tread sets and one M1A2 Abrams tread set.

It's also noted that VsTank Pro and Marui has hard plastic treads as an alternative. In the M1A2 Abrams and Leopard2 A5, both VsTank Pro and Marui has plastic treads that can be bought separately. However, starting from the Tiger I, Marui simply offered plastic treads along with the set.

A friendly note to plastic tread users: Tanks with plastic treads lose traction unlike rubber treads. If you're trying to climb up a slope that's more than 20 degrees, then your tank is going to slide down since plastic treads do not offer enough traction to support the tank's weight (and the batteries at the rear of the tank). So in a way, Marui's claim that the tank can climb up 35 degrees and above may very well be outdated for the Leopard2 A6 and Tiger I.

Hen Long
VsTank Pro
Tokyo Marui
Rubber Treads
Poor Quality
Top Quality
Top Quality
Plastic Treads
N / A ( Except for 1/16 Tiger I )


Plastic Tread Prices
N / A
$16 USD
$26 USD
N / A
Discontinued, Rare To Find

(Left) Hen Long M1A2 Abrams. (Middle) Marui M1A2 Abrams. (Right) VsTank Pro M1A2 Abrams. Note that the Hen Long one uses a Type 90 tread.
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