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The M4 Sherman was the primary tank produced by the United States for its own use and the use of its Allies during World War II. Production of the M4 Medium tank exceeded 50,000 units, and its chassis served as the basis for numerous other armored vehicles such as tank destroyers, tank retrievers and self-propelled artillery. In the United Kingdom, the M4 was dubbed the Sherman after Union General William Tecumseh Sherman, following the British practice of naming its American-built tanks after famous American Civil War generals. Subsequently the British name found its way into common use in the US. Following WWII, the M4 medium tank was used by the US until the end of the Korean War. Many nations continued to use the tank in both training and combat roles into the late 20th century.
  Length: 243 mm
  Width:   109 mm
  Height:  115 mm
 Weight: 34.2 cm
 Climb:   30 degree
 Speed:  34km/h
 Weight: 0.8 kg
 Climb:   30 degree
 Speed:  1.22 km/hr
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