On a warm summer day in a downtown Los Angeles office, the first brainstorming efforts were underway to develop a new line of military collectibles

One year later, the fruits of our labors were realized when we unveiled a brand new range of 1:32 scale German and US armored vehicles called Forces of Valor. As a side note, we also released our first ever 1:72 scale warplane – a Grumman F-14 Fleet Defense fighter

To further cement our position as the leading developer of scale military vehicles, we released our inaugural 1:16 scale static vehicle under the Extreme Metal Series banner – the mighty King Tiger Ausf. B heavy tank. Bundled with all sorts of accessories, literature and other gear, the vehicle came packed inside a heavy wooden crate reminiscent of an ammunition box

We expanded our product portfolio by offering a wide range of 1:72 scale World War II era aircraft. A new F-14 Tomcat was also offered, marking our continued efforts in the modern era segment of the market

Looking to offer vehicles in every popular scale, we launched our impressive Battle Extreme Series, which takes aim at the 1:72 scale market. Many of the vehicles were offered in diorama form by being coupled with pre-painted soldiers, thereby offering value, detail and quality to the consumer in a single package

In keeping with our desire to cater to every conceivable market, we launched our first ever warship – a 1:1000 scale replica of the German battleship, Bismarck. Recognizing that most consumers were looking to purchase larger warships to serve as desktop memorabilia, we christened our larger 1:700 scale line of warships the very next year

Our goal has always been to dominate every conceivable segment of the military marketplace. That said, in 2010, we launched our first set of 1:24 scale radio controlled military vehicles, which includes several tanks as well as a MLRS 270 Missile launcher

Working in close cooperation with both Boeing and Lockheed-Martin, we came out with a highly accurate set of modern era warplanes, among them the F-4J Phantom II fighter-bomber, F/A-18F Super Hornet multi-role fighter and F-22 Raptor stealth fighter

Continuing our efforts in the warships space, we launched a 1:700 scale replica of the US Navy’s CVN-65 USS Enterprise aircraft carrier. Built from diecast and created using modern CAD techniques, the ship even came with a total of 20 different aircraft, helicopters and service vehicles

Plans initially called for the development and manufacture of the F-16 Fighting Falcon multirole fighter, USS Hornet aircraft carrier, and next vehicle in the Extreme Metal Series – a German Panzer IV medium tank. However, Arthur Chan, the founder of Forces of Valor, turned 68 years of age and decided the time was right to retire. As a result, all new product development came to a halt

2016 marked an important year for the Company since it was acquired by Walter & Sons Industries, a Hong Kong-based company that had built a reputation in manufacturing for worldwide consumption

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